Walterflash | About Us

Who is Walterflash?

Walterflash is a new company with low prices on websites, blog-sites and digital marketing. We have strong experience within the internet field to help your business grow. Information Technology is going to keep getting more and more complex. It is here forever. A strong internet marketing company must always research the new technology to stay on top of it, and that is what we do. Just like a doctor that must learn about new medicine, we keep up with the internet by researching it and developing new strategies to help protect your business. It is important to choose the right protection and the right designers for your internet marketing.

The internet is now a very complex place. Here are just some of the interesting facts about it....

  • Crypto-currency (bitcoins, monero, etherium)
  • Virtual reality
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Hackers
  • The deepweb (http://)
  • Internet bots, malware and viruses
  • and much much more

Yes, this is now our internet, and next year will be more new ideas put into it. Who do you turn to for help when it comes to protecting your advertisements, online sales and your customers from this new marketing dimension? Try us - Walterflash. We do care about your goals.

Walterflash specializes in the internet marketing field. Not just building something for you on the internet, but also protecting you from those digital crazies that want your financials in a bad way. You have a business, and we understand that. We are a business ourselves. This is why Walterflash keeps up with the changing internet technology. We want to help you succeed successfully. It is not just about adding a website or blog-site, but also about protecting it and finding the right customers that are looking for you. We can help you with all of that at a low price.

The difference between a Web Designer and a Webmaster?

A web designer designs a website or blog-site. The web designer should also help with setting you up on the internet (called hosting) and securing your website from hackers. The Web Designer does not help with attracting the correct customers to it.

That is where a Webmaster comes into the seen. A Webmaster uses Digital Marketing to attract an audience to your website. He or she will set up Social Media ads, customer reviews, newsletters and much more leading back to your selling site.