Monitoring Your Website's Traffic


Reaching the right customers is very important. How do you know if you are reaching folks that are looking for you? You don't unless you monitor your traffic.

There has been many of times when we all have come across that one website that did not belong with the search group of what we were searching for. What do you do with that website? You leave immediately because it is not what you are looking for. Even if it is something that perks your interest, it is not what you are looking for at that moment. This is where traffic monitoring comes in to help you grow and analyze your weak and strong spots on your website.


Is this legal?

Yes it is. This is not hacking. When registered with search engines, they will collect device data that enters your website. This is to share with website owners. The data collected does not collect anything specific such as emails, addresses, names of folks, names of contacts or personal inormation. That would be illegal without the consent from the consumer.  What it will show us are percentages of....

  • Viewers from different countries, states and cities
  • New visitors vs returned visitors
  • How many folks are immediately leaving what pages
  • The average time spent on a page
  • Allow you to compare present data with the past
  • And much more...

A sale or ad will eventually get old with customers and you should know when it is time to upgrade.

Low pricing for monitoring your web sites traffic...

We do offer free traffic monitoring with Google for 1 year if you have a website built by us. If you already have a website, and would like help with monitoring your traffic please call or email us.

Prices starting per month at $45.99


What are the costs?

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