Monitoring Your Website's Traffic

Reaching the right customers is very important. A website, after being built, is like an asteroid circling in space waiting to be discovered. It just sits and spins. You need folks to gravitate towards your website. This is where traffic monitoring will help you find the right folks looking for you. Not only should your website traffic be monitored, but also your internet ads and your social media business profiles. Monitoring will help you discover your strong and weak spots across the internet and help your sales grow with Digital Marketing.


Traffic Funneling with Internet Ads

When traffic is monitored across your website, you will know things such as...

  • How many folks visited a certain page?
  • How many left the website right away?
  • How many orders were completed?
  • Where are folks loosing interest?
  • and more...

Funneling will help answer these questions. A quick fix with some technical writing, competitve pricing or a picture and traffic will start to flow.

Is this legal?

Yes it is. When registered with search engines, they will collect data that enters your social media business pages, websites or ads that we create. This data is to share with website owners on how their business is doing on the internet. The data collected does not collect anything specific such as emails, addresses, names of folks, names of contacts or personal information. That would be illegal without the consent from the consumer.  What it will show us are percentages of....

  • Viewers from different countries, states and cities
  • New visitors vs returned visitors
  • How many folks are immediately leaving what pages
  • The average time spent on a particular page
  • Allow you to compare present data with the past
  • And much more...

A sale or ad will eventually get old with customers and you should know when it is time to change it.

Low prices

Please contact us for more information on monitoring. Monitoring business internet traffic usually goes in conjunction with Digital Marketing. However if you already have a website ready to go and would like to gravitate folks towards it then please give us a call or see our Digital Marketing page.


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