What is Digital Marketing?


Digital Marketing

What is it and how does it work?

What is it? Digital Marketing is a big portion of Internet Marketing. Internet marketing is something like a website or a social media business page. Digital marketing is where you use the digital world to market your business. Your website is primarily used as a headquarters with techniques to draw folks back to it from social media ads, pay per view services, Google Ads and much more. Data is collected from search engines to monitor your website traffic. This allows us to see where folks are happy and sad about your website.

How does it work? Digital marketing can get a little complex, but it could also triple your sales. The main goal for digital marketing is to lead the right audience to you through the internet. For example, you sell lawn mowers and have an online website. Folks visit it but they keep immediately leaving. If your website is not getting the right attention from the right audience looking to buy lawn mowers then your website (internet marketing) is not doing its job correctly. This is where digital marketing comes in to help your internet marketing succeed.

How Digital Marketers help grow your business online...

Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Analytics and other webmaster tools?This is a must for every digital marketer out there. These are, 'web internet tools' used to monitor traffic within your website. These tools will tell...

  • The number of folks visiting daily, weekly and monthly
  • Bounce Bate - The number of folks entering and leaving your website immediately
  • Average time spent per page
  • Locations of folks viewing you (country and city)
  • New visitors vs returning visitors
  • Users visiting from social media sites
  • Users visiting from referrals ads
  • Users Googling a search on a business or service and chose you (SEO indexing); or simply typed your name in directly
  • And much more..

Analytics are used by something called, 'crawling your website'. A small script (called a bot) is added to your website. The bot kind of 'crawls' around sending data mentioned above back for us to monitor. This also helps you with SEO.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization - When you register your website with Google, Bing and other search engines, your website becomes indexed. What this means is that when folks search for a product or service, a list is given to them to choose from. Usually the very first or second companies are chosen within the list because they are the most trusted. So the trick is trying to be the very first or second on the SEO list. This is very difficult with SEO; because everyone wants to be on top. The biggest key with good SEO indexing is to have the best customer service reputation and usually be within 30 to 50 miles of the customer's device. (phone, tablet, laptop, etc...)


Search engines have something called 'spiders' crawling the internet for customer service ratings on businesses. And above the spiders are thousands of employees looking at explained subjects and professionalism of the website; just to assure that customer's get the best companies at the top of their searched indexed list. This is NOT a spot where a company can buy its way to the top of the list at any price. This process will become more complex in the future as internet and digital marketing grows. But remember, Google's reputation is based on customer service, not the highest bidder. So when it comes to SEO indexing, customer service is top priority.

If you cannot pay anyone to rank high within the SEO, how do you do it???

By digital marketing your superb reputation. In Real Estate it is, location location location! With Digital Marketing it is, reputation reputation reputation! As the video says, Google has, 'spiders' looking for links leading back to your website. With digital marketing, there are so many different ways to advertise links back to your website to get the attention of these internet spiders. That data is then sent back from the spiders for your SEO for indexing; with your '5 star rating and comments' attached to it.

Connecting it all together with Digital Marketing...

Please note that Digital Marketing is not a one time build; it is a constant build for your internet marketing to keep attracting more and newer customers. Anyone who has ever marketed their own business knows that marketing is a constant job in itself when attracting new customers. Marketing = extra income. (if done correctly)

Google Ratings - When you join Google, as a customer, through email or some other way, you now have the power to rate any visited company within your indexed search list. This is very powerful! (ratings are 1 to 5 stars with a comment of your experience) Any comment that you put down is a visual for the entire internet to see what you wrote about that company. The comments by you may be changed at any time. They are not permanent in case you change your mind for some reason. (good or bad)

When you join Google, as a business owner, and your ratings are good from customer experiences, then your SEO listing will also be good. If your ratings are great, you will be indexed even higher. If your ratings are better than the company that has a great rating, you will even be indexed more to the top. As you can see this a complex process for so many companies fighting for that first, second or even third indexed listing. Several companies may even be tied at the very top in some places around the world; meaning they 'share' a certain time per day being the first, second or third at the top of the SEO.

If your ratings are bad, sorry, not even a professional coder can help you. There have been companies in the past trying to beat the SEO indexing game by hiring expensive coders to try and slip around the rating system. After spending so much, they will more likely NOT try that again. Once again, please remember that their are thousands of employees above the spiders looking at ratings, comments and other data to help rank all companies. Google will not jeopardize their reputation for any company not caring about their own reputation. Reputation, reputation reputation!

Things to avoid with Google Ratings - If your information on the internet does not match up, your SEO indexing may drop a bit. Google does not give their internet customers bad information. For example, you own a pressure washing business. You advertise at places such as HomeAdvisor.com, Yelp.com, Facebook.com and Google + to advertise for more business. You move your business, but miss one or two updates with your new address at several of these websites. Your internet data is now bad and Google does not know which address to use in order rank your website for its location. Although your Google ratings are good or great, your internet data is bad for Google's customers. This little mishap may drop your SEO position.

Also, advertisement always gets old on the internet, but it cannot remove itself. Therefore if your website is not constantly updated, just the same old site and sales from last year, then your SEO may get dropped from the year before. Why did this happen if it did so well last year? Because other company websites, with newer updates and more of a customer fun experience has now passed you. However, if your Google reviews show a great customer experience, then your needed update website may still rank high because of your reputation.

Here is another drop. Let's say that you have created a social media business page but took some time off from not finishing it. (such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) One day, you decide to go back and, instead of fining and finishing up the old one, you just start a new advertising page. (or pages) This may also hurt your SEO rating because you have an incomplete business showing on the internet. It will not disappear until you, the creator, removes it or finishes it up. Just for the record, social media companies are also indexed within the SEO. They too are assuring proper customer satisfaction experience online.

Tags - Tags are something that webmasters add to your website. They are keywords that most folks would use to search for a certain product or service. For example if you own a website motorcycle shop, and only sell motorcycles. You may want to exclude words such as cars, trucks, pick-ups and 'motor parts' but include words such as vehicles, auto, 'motor bikes', 'motorbike parts' and so on. Tags help separate your unique product. However, tags are becoming a thing of the past with website SEO tracking. (thanks to the companies that hired the coders that tried to beat the SEO)

Some hosting companies offer an SEO boost by using tags. They may tell you that they have a direct portal to the SEO. If so, it is not with Google. Again, remember, Google will not accept any payment from any company to rank high within their SEO. This will ruin their trusty reputation around the world with consumers. What does count with Google is your reputation by your consumers on the internet.

Customer ratings on advertisement sites - If you already have a good reputation on some advertisement sites such as Yelp, HomeAdvisor, Angie's List or Facebook business, then you are absolutely ready for a website. With these sites already listing your reputation, you are already doing some digital marketing for yourself. It all just needs to be put together now through a website acting as a headquarters linking it all together. Adverting your reputation from what customers say on these websites will attract more customers as they bounce back and forth looking at your 5 star ratings and comments.

Social media ratings - Just like advertisement sites, your reputation is everything here. However, this is social media. More attention must be payed within this area to interact with customer comments, questions and their ratings towards you. If someone asks you a question on social media pertaining to your business, and you do not answer back, you may get a nasty one star review. If you ignore several questions, and these folks interact with each other about you ignoring them through posts, that would be considered a bad internet reputation. When you start doing social media advertising it could turn into a full time job. Don't stress yourself out at this point. Hire help.

Blog-pages or blog-sites - Blogs were created for many reasons. Websites mostly advertise and sell products or services. Blog-sites are websites where folks interact more with each other. Blogs allow you to...

  1. Post comments or questions
  2. Interact with social media
  3. Write detailed articles
  4. News on anything that you'd like to share
  5. And much more...

Blogging is extremely powerful. If news is wrongly broadcast-ed by a group, then blogging your response may help benefit your side. A very good example of how powerful blogging would be Donald Trump's twitters. How did Donald Trump become president? By twittering (blogging) over the stories of the media. That is how powerful blogging can be. Blogging is used in many different ways.

This page, within this website that you are reading is a blog-page. It has been created for you to interact with questions, commenting and interacting with others that might join in on the blog. Below you will see a comment box for us to communicate to with each other. Please comment or ask us a question. If you are a web designer or a digital marketer, this is a super way for all of us to share our ideas. There is plenty of business out there for everyone; this is a great way to share ideas and grow. If you have constant interaction on a blog, you will rank high within the SEO. Blogs help consumers with getting the right answers off of the internet verses someone selling you a lie.

Youtube Videos - Very few people are doing this right now. However this attracts the attention of the SEO fast. SEO results may sometime take up to a year before seeing results on your website. With You-Tube videos, and call to action videos, results may show up within a month. Folks love to watch videos over reading. This is starting to catch on though as you see more and more videos popping up during your searches.

That is just the beginning. There are other methods used such as funneling, pay-per-view, pay-per-click and ad-words for digital marketing. Please contact us for more information by blog, email or phone. Leave a comment below. Thank you.