Do not be fooled by companies offering a $99.99 website. Here are some questions that you should ask...
  • How much for the domain name?
  • How much is hosting?
  • How much for security?

With a low price like that, you may get caught in a trap that will cost more in the long run. No surprises with us.

Six important parts of pricing when it comes to running a professional website...

1 - Your Domain Name

Your domain name is what sits in between the www.?.com. Once registered with the internet FCC, the domain name is there forever on the internet. It will not disappear. The domain name must also be re-registered every year. If a registration is missed, the domain name will go up for sell by the company that hosted it. Usually a 'domain flipper' will buy it and sell it back at a high price. The owner is allowed to sell the domain name at anytime if he or she does decide on a change of some sort.


2 - Hosting

After the web designer builds the website. It must be up on the internet. That is done through something called website hosting. However, advertising on the web does not stop here. You are in the "http" zone. Your website is very vulnerable to the bad guys. It now needs security and must be in the "https" zone for your customers. 


3 - SSL Certificate

An SSL (Secured Socket Layer) certificate is very important. This puts you in the "https" zone from "http". (the 's' stands for 'secured') This is a certificate that the Internet FCC came up with to protect personal information when your data travels through the internet.

Let's say a customer wants to buy something online. They send their credit card through the internet. Without the SSL, a third party may "proxy" between the buyer and the selling website; exposing the customer's data.

What an SSL does is that it encrypts the data before anyone sends their information through the internet. The SSL also speeds up your website much faster. 

Before making any transactions on the internet, always check the address for an "". Anything with "http://" (no 's') is not safe for credit cards or any type of transactions; including your address and phone number!

4 - Firewall Protection

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While the SSL protects you from third party viewers, it cannot protect you from malware bots or hacking applications. A firewall will help protect your website from these guys. Hackers will try and run applications against your website to break it open for useful data against you. The motivation is usually money or bitcoins. If you use a firewall, and do not have the SSL certificate, a hacker that is listening between a customer and a website will still be able to get someone's credit card data. The hacker would be able to connect outside of your firewall and listen in on the http:// zone. (no SSL) A firewall mainly protects your website; not the customers on the other side looking at your website.

5 - Daily Backups

Let's face it, the internet is an extremely complex and very large piece of equipment. And everyone wants to own a part of it in their own way. Every now and then, something (or someone) might slip through the cracks. The internet changes rapidly every day. New applications, new operating systems and new hardware always being updated when new technology is discovered. That means new hacking technology and new encryption technology every 3 to 6 months updating. Therefore daily backups are extremely important.


6 - The Web Designer

That would be us. And those are the six important costs for building and advertising on the internet. We are here to help build and protect your website. Please see below for more information on pricing...

Advertisement Only

  • Hosting for 1 year
  • SSL certificate for 1 year
  • Firewall protection for 1 year
  • Daily backups for 1 year
  • First 5 pages
  • Registered with Google
  • Analytics traffic monitoring for 1 year
  • Free updates for 1 month after launching
  • Depending on your credit, financing may be available
Starting at $899.99



Online Shopping Designs (e-commerce)

  • Point Of Sale set up
  • Free Hosting for 1 year
  • Free Firewall for 1 year
  • Free SSL Certificate for 1 year
  • Free Analytics Traffic Monitoring
  • Registering with Google
  • One Blog-site
Starting at $89.99 per month with a web design deposit

Analytics Monitoring

What is it?

Digital Marketing

What is it?